Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith

Almost 40 years ago Jeff Smith graduated with a degree in fine arts from the University of Illinois, and moved from the cornfields of Illinois to sunny northern California, to begin his career in industrial design. At that time, industrial design was a marginalized profession in California’s young Silicon Valley. In time however, design in the Silicon Valley became deeply integrated and influential in the areas of product engineering, consumer research, branding and co-creating business value. By the mid 90’s, ID Magazine had proclaimed that Jeff, as President and CEO of LUNAR, along with his co-founders, had “helped plant the seeds of what has become the most fertile design culture in the U.S.”

As the 21st century was about to begin, Jeff found himself on the cover of Inc. Magazine, in a feature article which highlighted how he and LUNAR helped invent the idea of venture design, now a commonplace practice of designers participating in creating, directing and developing new businesses and opportunities through design and collaborative networks.

Jeff co-initiated and helped lead many design ventures throughout the years at LUNAR to create successful outcomes in companies offering a range of products from Xootr performance kick scooters, selected by Bloomberg BusinessWeek as one of 50 coolest products of the 21st Century, to beautiful, superior performing kitchen tools that are crafted to last generations to laser medical and even laser pet toy products.

Under Jeff’s leadership, LUNAR became consistently counted among the top design firms, as Business Week magazine listed LUNAR in their top-ten list, each of the 20 years that the magazine co-sponsored the prestigious IDEA awards. LUNAR also won Smithsonian’s Cooper Hewitt’s National Design Award in 2014 and was recognized in the same year by Red Dot in Europe as one of the world’s most innovative design studios.

Jeff has always been interested in how design creates value throughout all aspects of business and life. Observing how companies maximized success, Jeff originated LUNAR’s contemporary approach for fueling successful business results through driving integrated design outcomes that are Beautiful, Ingenious, and Charismatic – an approach that is explained in LUNAR’s five-star rated book, Design Like Apple.

Jeff and his co-founders sold LUNAR to McKinsey & Company in the spring of 2015 where he currently serves as Senior Advisor.

Throughout his career, Jeff has also been an active speaker, guest lecturer and workshop leader for institutions and professional organizations such as MIT's Enterprise Forum, Industrial Designers Society of America, Haas School of Business, Marketing Sciences Institute, Art Center College of Design, San Jose State University, Caltech, Innotown Innovation Conference, Anderson School of Management, Design Management Institute, Cal Poly Pomona, Stanford University, Association for Professional Design Firms, and The Wharton School.

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