Chris Green

Chris Green

Chris Green is Amazon’s Vice President of Industrial Design.
Since 2007, Chris has led the Industrial Design team which is responsible for all Amazon Consumer electronic devices: Kindle, Echo, FireTV, etc…As the head of the Design group, Chris leads a team of industrial, graphic, packaging, soft goods and CMF specialists, who work from the customer backwards to turn Amazon’s online brand into a physical experience.

Prior to Amazon, Chris worked for Hartmut Esslinger at Frog-Design as Creative Director of Industrial Design and led strategic industrial design programs for Fortune 500 companies including; 3M, Coca-Cola, Disney, Ford, Microsoft, Motorola, Nike and Target. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Product Design and Development from University of Salford. 

The Good Design Award Yearbook

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The Good Design Awards are the largest and most extensive global design awards program in the world. Awarded design firms and manufacturers have the right to enter into a limited legal licensing agreement to use the Museum's GOOD DESIGN logo to mark and identify the selected product or graphic in their marketing, publications, promotions, and communication campaigns as a public symbol of product and service quality. This public seal of approval immediately informs consumers to understand that the selected product and graphic meets the most rigorous test and criteria for absolute design excellence.

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