Randall Buck

Randall Buck

Randall Buck, a multi-media artist who works in time-based media, envisions pattern from an architectural perspective and engages technology in an effort to return the design work back to a finished form, which is tactile, distinct and inspired. Buck has engineered existing technology to push it beyond conventional manufacturing limits to invent new materials original for their environmental qualities and endurance.  Buck believes these innovations are essential to his evolution as a designer and the possibilities are limitless.

About Trove
Founded in 2006 in New York City, Trove is led by Jee Levin and Randall Buck, who are both accomplished artists and the creative force behind the brand.  As the founding partners of Trove, Levin and Buck aspire to merge art, design, and craft - mixing traditionally recognized decorative elements with nontraditional application and eco-friendly materials.  Trove strives to create a product that is minimally harmful and least impactful to our endangered world. Levin and Buck’s work is a clever interpretation of the simple, yet fascinating beauty of our environment.

Trove has won several awards, including four Good Design awards, two Editor's Choice Awards for ICFF, and two Architectural Products Product Innovation award.  Trove has also won a NeoCon Silver award for their “Vivid” collection for KnollTextiles. Two Trove patterns have been acquired for the permanent collection at the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum and three Trove patterns were featured in the 2010 Triennial exhibit.  Six Trove patterns were acquired for the permanent collection at the Brooklyn Museum.

The Good Design Award Yearbook

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The Good Design Awards are the largest and most extensive global design awards program in the world. Awarded design firms and manufacturers have the right to enter into a limited legal licensing agreement to use the Museum's GOOD DESIGN logo to mark and identify the selected product or graphic in their marketing, publications, promotions, and communication campaigns as a public symbol of product and service quality. This public seal of approval immediately informs consumers to understand that the selected product and graphic meets the most rigorous test and criteria for absolute design excellence.

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